First Tiny-Town location in development

The first Tiny-Town is under construction and the kick-off is May 1, 2018. The development of new dwellings and locations is under construction. Check out more about current locations below.

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Local entrepreneurship.

An important part of the philosophy of Tiny-Town is that the locations interact with the local community.

This starts with production and operation. We like to work favourable with local entrepreneurs, employees and suppliers. After the house has been built, this cooperation continues. The local bakery will supply your breakfast. Other groceries can be picked up easily at the local greengrocer, butcher or supermarket. Fancy a great meal? Visit one of the discount local restaurants.

Since connecting with the local community is not all about good food, we also work with local cultural institutions and associations. This gives visitors opportunities to discount local attractions, museums and events.

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What is Tiny-Town?

Member of Local communities


Enjoy in luxury of our small Tiny-Town houses.

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Local involved

Tiny-Town partners work together with the local communities.

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The new economy

Tiny-Town is: Tiny- living, sustainable and surrounded by nature.

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